30 ways to tell if you’re a Techie

I’ve done theatre for over ten years and there are certain things that always stick out in my mind in the way that a techie behaves. First off a techie is someone who does technical theatre. Whether it’s sound, lights, carpentry, costumer,┬ástage management, or just run crew being a tech is big deal. Without the techs there would be now show. Actors without techs are just people standing in the dark trying to emote. Below are twenty ways to tell if you are a techie.

1. It’s spelled THEATRE not theater.

2. It’s not a light bulb…it’s a lamp.

3. You know at least five superstitions and will follow most of them.

4. You have a pre show routine that you have to do every time or something will go wrong.tech

5. You have yelled “Find your light!”, at an actor at least twice.

6. You have your favorite power tool.

7. You hang out with the other techs while they are smoking, even if you don’t smoke.

8. You’ve played a prank on an actor. “Hey, can you get me a left handed screwdriver?”

9. You own more black clothes than any other color.

10. You have perfected the technique of moving silently backstage.

11. You know so many actor jokes that you’ve lost count.

12. You love climbing the ladder to focus light because you get to hang on with just your legs and actors freak out.

13. You know the ghost story to your theatre and you make sure to tell every actor.

14. It is perfectly normal for you to walk around covered in paint and carrying knives and multi tools.

15. When you’ve bought condoms for a show. (It’s to keep mics dry.)

16. It’s not unusual to find saw dust in your pockets.

17. You’ve sold props, scripts, costume pieces back to actors because they left them on the stage after the show.

18. You live for STRIKE!!!!

19. You can’t watch a show without find everything wrong with it.

20. You are not afraid of the dark. You thrive in it.

21. You have an app on your phone for a level.

22. You hate it when “Non Techs” touch the light or sound board.

23. You have a shelf in your room dedicated to Stage blood, fake knives and more tape than other people know existed.Techie

24. You know exactly where everything is in the theatre,

25. You understand what happens backstage, stays backstage.

26. You have had several theatre related injuries.

27. You can’t stand seeing someone in the theatre on their cell phone.

28. You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve had to work “The Nutcracker”.

29. You know how to properly sweep the stage.

30. You roll your eyes at anyone who complains about working long hours.

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Jessi is the younger sister of Megan, the owner of this blog. She lives in NC and loves to read, play video games, read comic books and write. Jessi has a degree in Theater and has a passion for acting, theatrical makeup and set building.

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  1. I am not a “techie.” Your list was funny. Initially I thought it was going to be about people and computers. :)

  2. I am not a techie, but I have always thought it would be fun to work behind the scenes in a theater

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