Starting over with my exercise plan and weight loss journey

So I was pretty sick this week. I had a stomach bug and now I have a cold. I exercised once. But I did stick to eating Wheat Free as I described in my last STATurday post. I lost 3 pound from last week just from eating wheat free (and possibly from the stomach bug too).

So, you know what? I’m going to start T25 over and continue wearing my Slim Belly while I exercise. That’s right, I’m going back to square one. I feel more comfortable doing this than starting week 4 over. I’ve had many bumps in the road with trying to find a diet that works for me to being sick and not able to exercise.

I’m going to weigh myself tomorrow and take my measurements. Then start my T25 workouts again Monday.  I’m also going to keep eating wheat free because I feel really good since I started.  I did have some fatigue for a few days but that was to be expected.

While I’m at Brandcation to #SeasTheDay with Royal Caribbean, I’m going to workout every morning.  That’s right, I’m going to get up early and visit their gym with my Slim Belly on. No more excuses.

Do you think starting over is a good idea?

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Pure Romance $50 Credit Giveaway

I love Pure Romance. I have several “toys” that my husband and I love to use during sexy time. But there are more than just toys that can enhance your love life. Here are some of my favorite products that I’ve found on Eleshea’s site

Lacy Halter Garter Slip


Slip into Infatuation, and get ready to turn heads! The microfiber and stretch lace slip skims your curves with slimming princess seam detailing and a sexy halter back. Satin bows and garter straps complete a look that’s sure to fascinate. Stockings not included.

Flavored Enhancement Cream


Magnify every passionate moment with an arousing formula that includes the Pure Romance exclusive TriPlex Tingle™. This rich, flavored enhancement cream can help provide the boost you desire.

Heart Massager
Heart-Shaped Heat Pack


Soothe your partner’s body, then bring it close to yours with this simple-to-use heated massage pack. At 129° F, the only thing hotter is your desire!

$50 Credit to Pure Romance

The lovely Eleshea is giving away a $50 credit to her site:  Giveaway ends 4/12/2014. Please fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter:

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Pain Management Ideas.

Having fibromyalgia causes me daily pain. Whether you are suffering from the same syndrome or another pain can be very distracting during the day. I have found that these few things help me manage my day to day pain. I hope it helps in some way.

1. Stretching. Stretching in the morning right after getting up can help loosen the muscles and alleviate any pain that may have come from sleeping without the proper support.

2. Yoga. This goes with the stretching but also Yoga can help your breathing and meditating.

3. Hot Showers. Pain in the joints can be helped with either cold or hot compresses. I find that a nice long, hot shower always makes me feel a lot better.

4. Walking. I try to stay away from treadmills because the hard impact from walking can be painful to your knees. But just walking outside on a dirt path can really help with knee pain. Make sure to always wear shoes with plenty of support.

5. Resting with my feet elevated. My knee pain can get really intense during they day. Especially if I’ve been standing long hours. So resting on the couch with a pillow under my ankles always relieves the pain.

7. Have more Sex! As strange as that sounds it is actually scientifically proven that orgasms can block pain. It releases a chemical in your brain that is some what of a pain killer. My husband told me this and I didn’t believe him. (Thinking he just wanted to have sex.) I researched it and found out that it is actually true. Go figure.

These are just a few of the techniques I use to help me manage my chronic pain. I hope this has helped in some way. Thank you.

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STATurday Week 3 – I gained weight

I’m embarrassed to say that I gained 4.4 pounds this week. I exercised everyday but did not watch what I ate and over-ate. I didn’t gain any inches but I also didn’t lose any either. I’m not letting this get me down.

wheat-bellyI’ve decided to go wheat free thanks to Molly over at Slim Belly. I’ve been reading Wheat Belly by cardiologist Dr. William Davis. In the book he describes how genetically altered wheat is what is making America fat. I have to say, it makes sense. Today was my first wheat free day. I’ve been looking at labels of everything and I bought organic quinoa, flaxseed, almond flour, almond butter and tons of fruits and vegetables. I can also have dairy which is great.

Tonight I had a pork chop some quinoa and beans. I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself at all. I’ve been eating celery, grapes and strawberries throughout the day. I even had a banana and strawberry smoothie today. I’m very optimistic about this lifestyle change, I even have hubby looking at labels for me when he shops.

So, I’m not going to do my stats this week but I will next week (including this week’s stats). I have a little over 2 weeks before my #SeasTheDay Brandcation aboard Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas. I can do this. I’m not going to let a little snag in my overall goal get me down.


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Jamberry Nails Giveaway – Winner’s choice of 2 wraps

Kimberly with Jamberry Nails is generous enough to offer That Neat Blog readers a chance to win 2 Jamberry wraps of winner’s choice. These wraps are so cool! Here are a few of my favorite:

Click to go to nail page

Click to go to nail page

For the perfect everyday nail, Sparkling Solids are the way to go. They come in a wide range of colors and in three different finishes, solid, glimmer and matte. Wear them on their own or with one of our complimenting designs. Lasts up to 2 weeks on fingernails and 4 weeks on toenails.

Click to go to nail page

Click to go to nail page

The French Tip collection has something for everyone. Whether you want to be classically chic or super trendy, you’ll find the right tips for you. Lasts up to 2 weeks on fingernails and 4 weeks on toenails.

Click to go to nail page

Click to go to nail page

For the untamed vixen and the sweet songbird alike, our ANIMAL INSTINCT collection brings patterns found in the animal kingdom to your fingertips.

Giveaway of 2 Jamberry Nails Wraps – Winner’s choice

Please fill out the rafflecopter form to enter to win 2 Jamberry Nails wraps. Contest ends April 11, 2014.

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Free image editor:

I am really bad when it comes to photoshop and similar programs. I like something that is quick, fast and easy. Recently I found an online photo editor  that was easy, free and had so many options to choose from. I like that in an image editor. I edit images almost everyday for my blog. I want something easy and convenient. is just that.

I can easily write text in photo which is something I like. That way I can write in my blog name: That Neat Blog without worrying someone will steal my image. I can also perform photo retouching, something I do often because I tend to take pics that aren’t so good. I’m not the best photographer around.

Here is a photo I edited with





I lightened up the photo, cropped it, added text and added stickers. It was really fun and fast to edit with this online image editor. I highly recommend it.

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Initials, Inc. $50 Shopping Spree Giveaway

logoRuthann from Initials, Inc. is sponsoring a $50 Shopping Spree Giveaway for That Neat Blog readers. Initials, Inc. offers stylish products such as bags, organizers, accessories and more with FREE personalization on everything.

Here are a few of my favorite products from this company.

Day Tripper Piano Dot

The Day Tripper in Piano Dot

Full zipper closure opens to a roomy tote with a matching solid interior ready for all your necessities. Open pocket on the front is the perfect spot for those quick grab items like keys, phone, etc. Double handles.

Get a Grip


Get a Grip in Black

Pockets on the outside! Large open interior storage, nine exterior pockets.

Tablet Case

Tablet Case in Pin Dot

Stylish, patterned exterior, plush padding and velvet-like lining give your tablet a smooth ride wherever you go. Front zipper pocket. Fits an iPad 3 or smaller.

Win $50 Shopping Spree to Initials, Inc.

Giveaway: Fill out the Rafflecopter form below for you chance to win a $50 shopping spree to Ruthann’s site! Giveaway ends 11:59 PM EST on April 10, 2014.
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30 ways to tell if you’re a Techie

I’ve done theatre for over ten years and there are certain things that always stick out in my mind in the way that a techie behaves. First off a techie is someone who does technical theatre. Whether it’s sound, lights, carpentry, costumer, stage management, or just run crew being a tech is big deal. Without the techs there would be now show. Actors without techs are just people standing in the dark trying to emote. Below are twenty ways to tell if you are a techie.

1. It’s spelled THEATRE not theater.

2. It’s not a light bulb…it’s a lamp.

3. You know at least five superstitions and will follow most of them.

4. You have a pre show routine that you have to do every time or something will go

5. You have yelled “Find your light!”, at an actor at least twice.

6. You have your favorite power tool.

7. You hang out with the other techs while they are smoking, even if you don’t smoke.

8. You’ve played a prank on an actor. “Hey, can you get me a left handed screwdriver?”

9. You own more black clothes than any other color.

10. You have perfected the technique of moving silently backstage.

11. You know so many actor jokes that you’ve lost count.

12. You love climbing the ladder to focus light because you get to hang on with just your legs and actors freak out.

13. You know the ghost story to your theatre and you make sure to tell every actor.

14. It is perfectly normal for you to walk around covered in paint and carrying knives and multi tools.

15. When you’ve bought condoms for a show. (It’s to keep mics dry.)

16. It’s not unusual to find saw dust in your pockets.

17. You’ve sold props, scripts, costume pieces back to actors because they left them on the stage after the show.

18. You live for STRIKE!!!!

19. You can’t watch a show without find everything wrong with it.

20. You are not afraid of the dark. You thrive in it.

21. You have an app on your phone for a level.

22. You hate it when “Non Techs” touch the light or sound board.

23. You have a shelf in your room dedicated to Stage blood, fake knives and more tape than other people know existed.Techie

24. You know exactly where everything is in the theatre,

25. You understand what happens backstage, stays backstage.

26. You have had several theatre related injuries.

27. You can’t stand seeing someone in the theatre on their cell phone.

28. You’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve had to work “The Nutcracker”.

29. You know how to properly sweep the stage.

30. You roll your eyes at anyone who complains about working long hours.

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Dirty Girl Mud Run Greensboro NC – Discount Code

Dirty Girl Mud Run is coming to Greensboro May 31

As you all know, I’m on my weight loss journey. So far, as of today, Sunday March 9, I’ve lost 10 pounds! Woohoo! But losing weight is not my main focus. Getting healthy and being able to do things I once wasn’t is my main goal. Another big goal is to participate in a run. And guess what, I’m going to reach my goal May 31st of this year.

Dirty Girl Mud Run Greensboro

The Dirty Girl Mud Run in Greensboro is an obstacle course style run where getting muddy is unavoidable. And believe me, I am all for getting dirty. It’s a 5K that is not timed nor is it competitive. It’s just a good time for women of all shapes and sizes.

bright-pink-logoThat’s not all. It’s all for a fabulous cause. The Dirty Girl brand partners with Bright Pink to support breast and ovarian cancer awareness and research. This cause is near and dear to my heart because my great grandmother died of breast cancer 14 years ago. Therefore, I am at a higher risk. While the Dirty Girl Mud Run may be fun and full of teamwork, I’m glad that the proceeds go to a terrific non-profit.

Who’s coming with me?

What: Dirty Girl Mud Run Greensboro

Where: Kersey Valley: 1615 Kersey Valley Rd, Archdale, NC 27263

When: May 31, 2014 – Heats start at 8:00 AM and end at 4:00 PM

Sign Up: Visit Dirty Girl Mud Run Greensboro Page to sign up – Start a team or sign up as an individual. See below for discount code.

Discount Code: My Greensboro readers get 10% off registration! Just use code: BLOGFRIEND – See below on where to put the code.

Dirty Girl Mud Run Greensboro discount code

As you can see, I already have a team  (you can change the name of your team and I will, I just needed one for the time being) and Jessi, the other blogger on That Neat Blog, is on my team.

So, will I see you at the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Greensboro?

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Dove Prize Pack plus $25 Giveaway

Shaved Head

Shaved Head

My husband usually keeps his head shaved. He grows his hair out more in the winter time and I really like his hair longer. He has grays but I think they make him look sexier. He hates them. Hence the reason he shaves his head so often. But yet, he grows out his beard with grays. Sometimes men don’t make sense.

When he does grow his hair out in the winter, the dry air causes him to be more susceptible to dry scalp. Using bar soap to wash his head doesn’t help either. Luckily, there is a shampoo for men with dry scalp, and other hair problems. My husband actually likes the Dove Men+Care  shampoo for dandruff better than soap, thank goodness.

dove hair care for men

Whether it’s thinning hair, bed head, hat hair, or dandruff ­ Dove® Men+Care has got it covered! Visit to get tips and recommendations that will solve any hair situation!

Shop all Dove® Men+Care at Walmart
Shop all Dove® Men+Care Hair product at Walmart for everyday low prices!

Win a Dove Prize Pack & $25

Fill out the Rafflecopter form below to be entered to win a Dove Prize Pack and $25 Walmart Gift Card.

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